Final Program

Monday 24th
Welcome cocktail and registration

Tuesday 25th
8:30-9:00 Registration
9.00 Welcome speech
== The Universe of Imaging Surveys
09:30-10:05 Digital Sky Surveys from the ground: Status and Perspectives (Review) – T. Shanks
10.05-10.40 The future of optical Survey from space (and Euclid) (Review) - Y. Mellier
 10:40-11:10  Coffee break
11:10-11:45 Time Domain astronomy (Review) – G. Djorgovski
11:45-12:05 PLATO 2.0: a survey for close-by exo-planetary systems – R. Ragazzoni
12:05-12:30 HST Treasury surveys of Galactic Globular Clusters (Targeted) – G. Piotto
12:30-12:55 The photometric Surveys of the Galactic Bulge (Targeted) – O. Gerhard
Science Archives: Facilitating Survey Astronomy - M. Read
13.15-14:30  Lunch
14:30-15.05 Galaxy evolution in the era of Digital surveys (Review) – G. De Lucia
15:05-15:35 Galaxy Evolution: the overview from SDSS (Targeted) – D. Thomas
Strong Lensing in the SDSS and RCS-2 – M. Gladders
15:55-16:25  Coffee break
16:25-16:45 The environment of barred galaxies revisited - B. Cervantes Sodi
Measuring galaxy environment in large scale photometric surveys - J. Etherington
17:05-17:25 Using gamma regression for photometric redshifts of survey galaxies – J. Elliott

Wednesday 26th
9:20-9:45 DES survey progress and related science (Targeted) - M. Banerji
9:45-10:05 Studying galaxy formation and evolution with the Dark Energy Survey - D. Capozzi
== ESO Public Surveys
10:05-10:30 ESO surveys in optical and NIR (Targeted) – M. Arnaboldi
10:30-10:50 The VLT Survey Telescope – P. Schipani
 10:50-11:20  Coffee break
The VVV, VHS, VIKING, and UltraVISTA Public surveys with VISTA (Targeted) - J. Emerson
11:50-12:15 The Kilo Degree Survey (Targeted) – M. Radovich
12:15-12:40 The VPHAS+ Survey (Targeted) – N. Wright
The VMC Survey (Targeted) – M.R. Cioni
13.05-14:20  Lunch
14:20-14:45 The VIDEO survey (Targeted) – M. Jarvis
14:45-15:10 The ESO commitment to mapping the sky (Targeted) – J. Melnick
INAF future programs - G. Bignami
Technological projects from the ground: the view of SMEs - G. Marchiori
The Italian Industry clustering program: the case of the SKA – R.F. Cimmino
15:50-16:15   Coffee break
== Celebrations of Massimo Capaccioli 70th birthday
16:15-16:40 The contribution of Massimo Capaccioli to Astronomy – G. Longo
Novae at Maximum with Massimo - M. Della Valle
Cepheids and distance ladder - I. Musella
Galaxy photometry and Fundamental Plane - M. D’Onofrio
17:35-18:50 Planetary Nebulae in galaxy haloes - M. Arnaboldi
Dark Matter – N.R. Napolitano

19:00 Concert by Clara Cernat (violin) and Thierry Huillet, The Petit Prince.

Thursday 27th
== News from VST
9:30-9:45 The VST-GTO Strega Survey – M. Marconi
9:45-10:00 STEP: The VST survey of the SMC and the Magellanic Bridge: first results – V. Ripepi
10.00-10.15 The VST VEGAS survey: overview of the survey, and preliminary results on Small Stellar Systems – M. Cantiello
10.15-10.30 Shapley Supercluster Survey (ShaSS): Galaxy Evolution from Filaments to Cluster Cores - P. Merluzzi
10:30-10:45 First results from Supernova Diversity And Rate Evolution (SUDARE) survey at VST – M.T. Botticella
10:45-11:15  Coffee break
11:15-11:35 The Wide-field Nearby Galaxy Cluster Survey (WINGS) – B. Poggianti
11:35-11:55 White dwarfs in the Galactic plane: the clustered and dispersed population – R. Raddi
== The Universe of Spectroscopic Surveys
11:55-12:30 The galactic structure in the era of next spectroscopic surveys (Review) – G. Gilmore
12:30-13:05 High resolution stellar spectroscopy surveys (Review) - K. Freeman
13.05-14:20  Lunch
14:25-14:50 The CLASH-VLT survey (Targeted) – P. Rosati
14:50-15:10 The fate of galaxy populations in the CLASH-VLT survey – A. Mercurio
15:10-15:35 The wonders of BOSS, the spectroscopic galaxy survey of the SDSS III (Targeted) – C. Maraston
15:35-16:00 The GAMA Survey (Targeted) – S. Driver
16:00-16:30   Coffee break
16:30-16:50 Galaxy evolution within KiDS survey – C. Tortora
16:50-17:10 The low-mass end of the Initial Mass Function in massive ETGs – C. Spiniello
Science with MUSE spectrograph (Targeted) - R. Bacon


19:30 Transfer to the city center
20:30 Social dinner

Friday 28th
9:20-9:40 The extreme outer regions of M87, where stellar halo blends in the ICL. The planetary nebulae perspective - A. Longobardi
Deep photometry of galaxies in the VEGAS survey: the case of NGC4472 - M.Spavone
9:55-10:15 The properties faint galaxies in nearby clusters of the WINGS sample – D. Bettoni
10:15-10:40 The earliest galaxies in the deepest surveys (Targeted) - A. Fontana
10:40-10:55 A Search for Giant Radio Galaxies, using NVSS, FIRST, DSS and SDSS, and our own spectroscopic follow-up. I. Santiago Bautista
10:55-11:25  Coffee break
== The High-Energy Universe
11:25-11:50 WiFeS S7 AGN survey (Targeted) – J. Scharwaechter
11:50-12:10 Variability-selected AGNs in the VST Survey of the COSMOS and CDFS regions – D. De Cicco
12:10-12:30 Study of blazars utilizing CCD cameras and small telescopes – O. Kurtanidze
12:30-13:05 SNe as cosmological probes (Review) – E. Cappellaro
13.05-14:20  Lunch
14:20-14:45 The serendipitous side of Fermi science (Targeted) – P. Caraveo
14:45-15:05 The EXTraS project: Exploring the X-ray Transient and variable Sky – A. De Luca
15:05-15:25 Unveiling accreting white dwarf binaries in Hard X-ray surveys – D. De Martino
Searching for Electromagnetic Counterparts of Gravitational-Wave Sources in the Advanced Detectio Era - V. Kalogera
15:45-16:00 What's next with VST: Electromagnetic follow-up of Gravitational Waves events  – A. Grado
16:00-16:20 HELP-ing Digital Surveys: The Herschel Extragalactic Legacy Project - M. Vaccari
16:20-16:50  Coffee break


The poster panels are 1m x 1m, so we ask you to print your posters remaining within this limits.

1) Early-Type galaxies and their structural parameters from KiDS - Nivya Roy  
2) Variability-selection of Active Galactic Nuclei in the CDFS area -  Serena Falocco
3) Spectral survey of late type stars in the Galaxy - Mariam Nikolashvili
4) Systematic variation of IMF and mass density slope in ETGs - Crescenzo Tortora   
5) First results from the Supernova Diversity and Rate Evolution (SUDARE) survey - Katalin Takats
6) Searching for galaxy clusters in the Kilo-Degree Survey - Mario Radovich
7) The Environment Of Radio Sources In The VLA-COSMOS Survey Field - Nicola Malavasi   
8) The Construction of a Reference Star Catalog for the Euclid Mission - Beatrice Bucciarelli
9) Science Archives at the Wide Field Astronomy Unit - Robert Blake
10) The stellar mass function and mass density profile of CLASH-VLT - Marianna Annunziatella
11) Singular Spectrum Analysis of astronomical time series - Giuseppe Greco
12) Selection of high-redshift Radio-Loud Quasars and Luminosity Function - Diego Tuccillo
13) The nature of the "faint blue stars" in the PHL and Ton catalogues with Digital Sky Surveys - H. Andernach
14) Strong lens search in the ESO public survey KiDS - N.R. Napolitano


The Conference Proceedings will be published on a devoted volume of Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings.

The contributions will have to obey the following page limits:
- Review: 6 pages
- Targeted: 5 pages
- Contributed: 4 pages
- Poster: 3 pages           

The deadline for submitting the contributions has been fixed to March 1st, 2015.

To produce your contribution you have to use the template files that can be downloaded here. The template package contains all the instructions to prepare the manuscript.

The submission of the manuscript should be done sending a single tar/zip file (e.g. yourrame.tar or to